PART 8: The future?

So what am I going to do with all this new gained knowledge about 3D printing, design process and working methods?
In February I attended a workshop held by the local school for 8th graders, who had a weeks assignment working with the complete design process from idea to final product. I was invited to talk about my experiences working with 3D print, how I got started, and especially how my working methods had been.



This kickstarted me into the idea that I should teach others about design method, working process and idea generation with focus on using a new technology, 3D print, and how to access that.
I am now working on offering week courses and elective courses to schools with focus on design, and who may have a 3D printer, and maybe also someone who knows how to use it, but where the students still haven´t really started using it. My role is being the link between the creative students and the technical wizards, to make the technology more accessible and easy to understand and work with, so we hopefully in the future will have a lot more people working with 3D print.
I will still be investigating the world of 3D printing, trying to push what is possible to make, and developing new methods to integrate it into fashion design.
If you are interested in getting me to come and teach a course at your school, please get in touch!