PART 7: Summing it up

Trying to sum up what I have done the last 9 months working with 3D print, I can definitely say, that I have learnt a lot! I have developed a technique for how to use 3D printing in the fashion and accessories world, and maybe even in the arts.
I think that I got the tactility and esthetics into a world, that I did not think was neither very tactile nor esthetic when I started 3D printing.


Looking back at my process, I can now see, that I have been working a lot with design method, and the ways we work with designing.
Usually you work very method based, and go through several steps in the development phase, before you end up with a final product.
In the process I have been through with 3D printing, I had to put away all my “known” and safe methods, and start working in a completely different way, by testing and testing again and again.
I didn´t have any plan or timeline for what I had to end up with, and it was the trials and errors I did that showed my next path to explore.
In the light of this, it has not only been an exploration of a for me totally new technology, but also an exploration of design working methods and trying to push a little to the way we traditionally are taught to work as designers.