My journey through the world of 3D printing – PART 1: The journey begins!

My journey in the world of 3D printing started in august 2015. I only knew a little bit about the technology, and on one hand I was not very impressed about what I had seen, as most of it was little keychains, pencilholders and Darth Vader masks.
On the other hand it felt like it wasn´t something you could just ignore, as I kept seeing people writing about 3D print, and that it was a new and fantastic technology.

Originally I am from the classic world of fashion design, and I work within the field of cashmere knit and outerwear. To jump to working with 3D print did not seem like the next move for me, but I have always bee very fascinated with technology and everything that goes on “behind” the computer screen, so I decided to dig into it anyways.

One of my friends, Martin, is a regular at the makerspace Labitat on H. C. Ørstedsvej in Copenhagen. I contacted him, because I knew that he built his own 3D printer, and that he works with 3D printing every day.


Se suggested that I started out by going to the website, which is a site, where users can upload their designs, so they are available to everyone to use.
On Thingiverse there is a lot of different stuff, and I had to scroll through a lot of Star Wars figures and weird little thingies, before I found something that I found interesting.
I was looking for something, where I could see the technology being used for something else than “just” printing a small plastic thingie, that you would be able to buy in any cheap shop.
Something where the esthetics also played a role, and that I could see it in a larger design context, especially in the field of fashion.
It turned out to be more difficult that I thought, but after a while I found a pattern, that a guy had developed, called Mesostructure. It is a pattern, put together by lines meeting in points 3 by 3, or 4 by 4, and in that way it created a flexible surface.
A designer called Danit Peleg had already used this structure for her graduate collection, and it was the first thing I had seen that combined 3D print and fashion in a way, where I could se the esthetic aspect as well, so this was a good way for me to start testing 3D printing, and see what it was capable of.